Brief given by Weekday as part of the course Motion Design 2 at Berghs School of Communication.

Make a brand film or campaign that attracts customer awarness of Weekday as a brand in the forefront when it comes to being responsible on enviormental and global questions.

I gathered up with my classmates Malin Bengtsson, Erik Arve, Chanelle Kazemi and Hampus Fredman and during 3,5 weeks we tackled the big hurdles such as coming up with a concept, writing scripts, finding actors, finding voice overs, storyboarding, shooting and post production.

Thank You:
Special Thanks to the following people for making this happen.

Team. Hampus Fredman, Malin Bengtsson, Chanelle Kazemi, Erik Arve, Peter Holtze.

Actors/Models. (Select Models Agency) Agnes Navakazi, Linus Lundgren, Alice Vondeling.

Sound Design. Carl-Phiip Ström

Voice Over. Carl Röjens, Unknown french girl, Unkown.

Equipment loan. Arild and Eva Holtze, Ozzy.