Official Digital Flagship Store for Vogue Scandinavia. 

Made at B-Reel 2021

Me and my team at the B-Reel Stockholm office was in 2021 tasked with creating the brand and website for the 27th edition of the magazine. Vogue Scandinavia.

Under the Art Direction of Sergio Garcia I designed and built the official digital boutiqe, which will be the only place where the magazine will be sold.

Website development by Levels.
Store implementation by Simma Lugnt.

Full credits:

Brand Director Caroline Déas Ehrnvall
Senior Designer Sergio Garcia
Director of Innovation Lars Bjurman
Art Director Maria Lashari
Designer Lisa Nyberg
Designer Peter Holtze
Director of Strategy Oscar Erlandsson
Art Director Isaac Bonnier
Managing Director Jesper Kling
Executive Creative Director Petra Albrektson
Producer Rebekah Cabré
Strategist Thomas Eon
Motion Designer Andreas Godwin