Freelance project

The Project

Beckmans College of Design presents TRAILBLAZER, a design collaboration between international brands Marimekko, Matty Bovan, Nomen Nescio, palmer//harding, Per Götesson, Zandra Rhodes, and the final-year Fashion students at Beckmans College of Design Stockholm.

The story of the trailblazer is the story of the innovator. The 11 collection concepts have emanated from the individual framework and story of each brand. By adding their own personal vision and strong artistic approach, the fashion students’ collections blaze a trail for others to walk on.

My involvment

The team of Art Directors approached me with a greenscreen shot of a model and the task of turning it into a cinematic drone flight in a other wordly desert. 


Concept and Art Direction

Almir Jasarevic, Astrid Askert, Elisabet Lindén, Saba Mehrabanfar, Sofia Hjortberg.


Malin Gutke


Simon Enlund


Ronja Berg


Nikita Rosalie Sangaré (ICONS)


Axel Runquist

Watch the full film here