The worlds first broadsheet newspaper written by artificial intelligence


The Fake New Times, using machine learning combined with an aging format to tackle the growing issue of Fake News and AI

Along with the 2016 election and the rise of Trump, a new phrase have come into play, changing how we view information. FAKE NEWS! Filter bubbles and the new era of journalism is increasing division. At the same time the age of AI is leaping towards us, we are no longer only worried about what is true or false, but what is real and fake.
The Fake New Times is tackling those two, using OpenAI’s newly released GPT-2 Language model it presents news articles and stories, but not as a random notice of Facebook but as traditional media, as a tabloid, evoking nostalgia for a different era of information.

How it was done:

︎ Text:

Talktotransformer runs OpenAi’s language model GPT-2. It is trained on a huge dataset of websites to mimic language and generate full paragraphs of text.

︎ Images: runs a GAN, a Generative Adverserial Network that is trained with a dataset of thousands of images to then be able to create entirely new data.