Gullkalven winner





D&AD Brief

Put Duolingo in the hands of 16-22 year olds.


Art Direction & editing: Peter Holtze.
Art Direction and Design: Sebastian Pandonis
Writing: Oskar Engman
Concept: Peter Holtze, Sebastian Pandonis & Oskar Engman


According to the World Health Organisation, depression is one of the leading factors for illness and disability among young people around the world. And while we learn languages in order to connect to each other better, many of us are only taught about grammar and pronunciation. Yes, being correct is important, but what does it matter if you don’t know what to say when you, or one of your friends, are feeling depressed?

If Duolingo, a world-leading platform for language learning, can’t help young adults to reach out through language — who can?

Student work of the year.
Gullkalven 20/21

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