I really hope I never have to choose a specific path in design to specialise in. As long as I get to work with brands and people that inspire me and on projects that make us go “Are we overdoing it? the client will think we are absolutely insane” then I’m happy. Be it working as an Art Director, Animator, Designer, VFX artist, hell - if someone was crazy enough to let me do copywriting, id be up for it.
As of writing this, I am 22 years old, working as a (Junior) designer at creative agency B-Reel, Stockholm office. My favorite band is either Blink-182 or LCD-Soundsystem, depending on the moons position
My story doesn’t go very far back, i’ve studied at Berghs SoC, Nyckelviksskolan and Designgymnasiet and had internships at the design agency Silver and B-Reel. 
The future is more exciting.

Want to work with me, or talk WW2 Battleships? you can reach me here:

070 433 95 09
Or find me on Instagram