Phone: 070 433 95 09
Instagram: Holtze_Holtze

If I knew as much about advertising as I do about Roman history,
then I wouldn’t have to work in advertising.

But here I am, trying to figure things out as I go. Somewhere between a Designer, VFX artist, and Art Director, Working at the intersection of tech and culture.

Sure, my CPU might set the office in flames, but unlike Nero,
I’ll try not to burn Rome to the ground.

Designer @ B-Reel STHLM (Current)
Designer (Intern) @ B-Reel
Design Student @ Berghs SoC
Design Student @ Nyckleviksskolan
Designer (Intern) @ Silver


One Minute Briefs Wins x1
One Minute Briefs Shortlist x8
One Show ADC Bronze Cube
Berghs Je Ne Sais Quoi Team
Gullkalven, Student of the Year
Gullkalven, Reklamfilme Gold
Gullkvalven, Audio Gold
Gullkalven, Kommers Gold
Gullkalven, Kampanje Gold
Young Glory Student Champion 20/21
Young Glory Gold x4
Young Glory Silver x3
Young Glory Finalist x1

Canon Graphic Design Award